Sink ‘Em All: Submarine Warfare in the Pacific [Audiobook]

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Sink ‘Em All: Submarine Warfare in the Pacific [Audiobook]

Charles A. Lockwood, Eric Martin (Narrator), "Sink ‘Em All: Submarine Warfare in the Pacific"
ASIN: B07DX61LYB | 2018 | MP3@64 kbps | ~16:05:00 | 457 MB

Sink 'Em All was originally published in 1951 by Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, the US Navy commander of the Pacific submarine fleet during World War II.

Lockwood, in his leadership role, knew the skippers and crews of the submarines and retells their wartime successes and tragedies with an intimacy and realism often missing in second-hand accounts. Lockwood also recounts his efforts to improve the provisions and after-patrol accommodations of the submariners and of his on-going struggle to improve the effectiveness of torpedoes and other tools vital to the war effort.

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